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Telescopic handlers rental Telescopic handlers rental

Telescopic handler rental

The telescopic manipulator is specific with its telescopic arm, which is versatile for handling various materials. The great advantage of this handling technique is the ability to handle the load despite the obstacle. The retractable telescopic arm allows you to reach very difficult places. The telescopic manipulator also has large and wide wheels with a deep tread, which allow movement even in difficult terrain. The telescopic manipulator is often used in agriculture when handling bales or in construction, where the forks are replaced by a shovel and can be used even when working with bulk material. In our current offer is a telescopic manipulator with a range of up to 17.5 m and a load capacity of 4 tons. According to specific requirements, we will supply you with a suitable manipulator with precise parameters.

Teleskopický manipulátor - kresba

Use of telescopic manipulator

What are telescopic manipulators designed for?

- For transporting and lifting loads
- Deteriorated terrain operation
- Obstacle handling over obstacles
- For operation in construction or agriculture

We will be happy to help you choose a suitable telescopic handler for your work. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Telescopic manipulator parameters

load capacity

doba trvání pronájmu

load capacity

3500 kg, zdvih 10 m 

1 - 7 day

price on request

8 - 14 day

price on request

15 - 30 day

price on request

1 - 3 moon 

price on request

load capacity

3500 kg, zdvih 13,5 m

We approach each request individually and we try to create the most friendly conditions for you. Don't be afraid to contact us and tell us all your requirements and ideas. Thanks to detailed information, we will offer you suitable handling equipment at the most favorable price.

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