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Financing of handling equipment Financing of handling equipment



Because the acquisition and servicing of handling equipment is often very expensive, part of our comprehensive services is the offer and assistance with the selection of financing so that it is as pleasant and convenient as possible for the customer. We will design an ideal financing route for the acquisition of new and older handling equipment, accessories and large-scale repairs.

Financial leasing

The most popular and most used method of financing when purchasing equipment. Financial leasing allows installments to be spread over a longer period of time (from 12 to 84 months). The repayment period is monthly or quarterly.


- the possibility of regulating the amount of installments depending on the amount of the advance payment
- advantageous insurance rates included in the installments
- installments are a tax expense and thus reduce income tax
- possibility of fixed and variable installments

Reverse leasing

A form of financial leasing enabling the purchase of your existing equipment for leaseback. In this way, it is possible to obtain funds and your technology remains at your disposal.

Special purpose loan

Borrowing a financial amount depending on the value of the acquired equipment and its monthly repayment for a period of your choice. Usually 6 to 84 months with the possibility of early repayment. The moment you sign a loan agreement, you become the owner of the equipment. No guarantor is required and credit financing is not subject to VAT on financial services.

The special-purpose loan can also be used to finance demanding and expensive repairs of handling equipment.

- the item immediately becomes the property of the customer
- the minimum repayment period is not limited by law as in the case of financial leasing (it can therefore be from 6 months)
- the loan repayment is not subject to VAT
- customer - entrepreneur performs classical tax depreciation of the acquired item
- tax costs are optimized especially when purchasing at the end of the calendar year
- one-time deduction of the entire VAT from the purchase price at the beginning of repayment

Operating lease

Advantageous and efficient operation, management and renewal of your handling equipment fleet. The equipment remains the property of the financial company throughout the lease, which assumes the investment risk and the risk of damage to equipment (damage, theft, destruction, etc.). in case of interest to buy. This is a lease (as opposed to a finance lease), where the lease term is usually shorter than the useful life of the leased asset. The purpose is to provide, together with other services, the necessary assets for the tenant, for which the tenant does not have a permanent, sufficient use throughout his life and which is therefore not suitable for him to buy into the property. The repayment period is variable, most often 60 months.

- even investment plan, stable costs over time, no accrual of costs
- the entire rent is an eligible tax expense
- the length of the lease is not limited by law
- he customer does not have to buy the item at the end of the lease
- complete service:

If you want handling equipment in operational leasing without worries, it is possible to arrange a complete service in a predetermined range, included in the leasing price or. rent.

The service may include:
quick assistance service in case of machine failure
regular service inspections and maintenance prescribed by the manufacturer, including the material used
complete service provision for the entire rental period includes labor, materials and travel costs
tire change
spare machine in case of shutdown of the leased equipment during the repair

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