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Forklift driver training Forklift driver training

Training for handling equipment operators

Part of our services is the offer and provision of training for forklift drivers of all groups, ie front motor forklifts, electric forklifts, hand trucks, reach trucks and other special trucks.

In agreement with the customer, we provide training either directly at the workplace or in the background of our company. We provide a "records" service for contract customers, within which we monitor the validity of the authorization and before it expires, the customer is notified of this fact. This makes it possible to avoid problems that could occur when operating a forklift truck without a valid driver's license.

Školení řidičů vysokozdvižných vozíků

Basic and recurrent forklift operator training

We provide basic training for forklift drivers in the full range of theoretical and practical training for those who do not yet have a forklift driver's license.
Reduced training of forklift drivers for holders of driving licenses who only need to renew their validity.

Why forklift driver training?

According to the provisions of § par. e of the Labor Code, the employer is obliged to provide training on legal and other regulations to ensure safety and health at work (hereinafter referred to as safety regulations), which supplement their qualification and performance requirements that relate to their work and workplace: regularly verify their knowledge and to constantly require and monitor compliance. The provider keeps documentation about the performed training. It should be in the employer's interest to provide timely and regular training to forklift drivers.

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