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Traction batteries and chargers Traction batteries and chargers

Trakční baterie a nabíječe

Traction batteries and battery chargers for driving electric forklifts, hand trucks, reach trucks and other handling equipment. Traction chargers are very efficient and can charge the battery in 5.5 hours.


Starter batteries and traction batteries

Starter batteries and traction batteries

Starter and traction batteries for electric forklifts, electric tractors and platform trucks, self-propelled platforms, electric cars, hand-guided and other handling equipment using electric energy for propulsion. We supply traction batteries providing a high level of performance and long service life for low-load operations as well as for demanding multi-shift operations. Compared to older types, the new generations of batteries have, while maintaining dimensions, higher performance, high durability and efficiency ...

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Traction chargers

Traction chargers

Chargers for charging traction and semi-traction batteries with liquid and solid electrolyte for driving electric forklifts, hand trucks, reach trucks, tractors, platform trucks, electric cars, various work machines and other handling equipment ... more information HERE
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