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Traction chargers Traction chargers

Traction battery chargers POWERGEN

Chargers for charging traction and semi-traction batteries with liquid and solid electrolyte to drive electric forklifts, hand trucks, reach trucks, tractors, platform trucks, electric cars, various work machines and other handling equipment.

We supply quality POWERGEN chargers. Based on the requirements and requirements of the client, we recommend chargers with a standard charging characteristic with a charging time of 10 - 15 hours or a fast characteristic with a charging time of 6.5 - 8 hours (5.5 hours when using electrolyte mixing), which are designed for high-capacity technology or for technology in three-shift operations.

The new generation POWERGEN traction chargers are high-frequency and have a high power factor approaching 1. The traction chargers are standardly automated for charge cycle control and equipped with a display unit informing about the charge status.

Chargers can be supplemented with advanced information display units, controlled electrolyte replenishment, electrolyte mixing, interface for communication with PC, etc. Selected traction chargers monitor the charging process, charging history, battery status and other information to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

We also supply higher-class chargers that are able to charge several types of batteries with different voltages and capacities at once by gradual charging. These chargers automatically detect the battery type and parameters and select the charging program.

Catalog of traction battery chargers

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Prices of traction battery chargers

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Technology and characteristics

Pulse charging characteristic: a popular and proven characteristic of traction chargers. Chargers with this characteristic are characterized by reliability and optimal economy.

High-frequency technology: traction chargers based on high-frequency technology are powerful with very economical operation. High-frequency technologies have about 20% higher energy efficiency than conventional chargers. Thanks to the smaller components, they have several times smaller dimensions and lower weight.

On board design: compact traction chargers excel in very small dimensions and weight. They are installed primarily as built-in chargers for handling equipment.

Electrolyte replenishment: automatic battery electrolyte replenishment system during charging.

Electrolyte mixing: a system that ensures electrolyte mixing while charging the battery. This significantly shortens the charging time and increases the efficiency and economy of charging.

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