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Small handling equipment Small handling equipment

Drobná manipulační technika

Rudders and handling platform trucks are an invaluable and high-quality helper for transporting boxes, bags, crates and other loads. The construction is designed to meet the ease of operation and safety of handling. The load capacity of the rudders is 200 - 350 kg.


We also offer specific rudders - for barrels, stair rudder, folding rudder, furniture or universal rudder and more. All have quality wheels from the French manufacturer Guitel - minimum wear and maximum load capacity. We believe that it will make your work easier and faster. Made in the Czech Republic.



An invaluable helper wherever you need to handle and move boxes, bags, crates, rolls or other smaller loads ... více informací ZDE
Handling platform trucks

Handling platform trucks

In the category of multifunctional transport trucks, we offer great variability and compilation of parameters according to the needs and wishes of the customer. Details and individual types of handling trucks ... více informací ZDE

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