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Pallet trucks Pallet trucks

We know these mechanical low-lift pallet trucks mainly from shops where they are used to transport goods on pallets. The pallet trucks we offer, the so-called "pallets", have a robust construction and easy operation. The low stroke of up to 200 mm is most suitable for handling classic euro pallets. Our offer includes low-lift pallet trucks of various capacities, with different lengths of forks and, of course, with the option of choosing the design of wheels. We can offer you pallet trucks of premium quality or low-cost pallet truck. It just depends on your needs.

nízkozdvižný paletový vozík

Information on prices and availability can be found on our E-SHOP or contact our dealers. Choose your new handling assistant.

What low lift pallet truck can we offer you? Below you will find out about the basic categories of pallet trucks we supply:

Pallet truck of the highest quality "European TOP Quality" - this is a mechanical low-lift pallet truck manufactured in Slovakia. This type excels in its high quality workmanship and materials used. This guarantees a long service life and low maintenance costs. The BULLI manufacturer offers pallet trucks with a basic load capacity from 2,300 kg to special "pallets" with an increased load capacity of up to 5,000 kg. It also focuses on the production of pallet trucks with special lengths, widths, trucks with parking and travel brakes, low-profile or galvanized.


Pallet truck with the best price / performance ratio - is a low-lift pallet truck marked CBG. This "pallet truck" is available in payloads of 2500 and 3000 kg. It has a good, very robust construction. With this type of truck, there is a choice of two available steering wheel variants - polyurethane or rubber. The truck is also equipped with tandem wheels, which help with stability when handling and load distribution.

The best-selling CHEAP pallet truck - this category undoubtedly includes the low-lift pallet truck marked BF / VIVA BF25. This trolley is delivered with a load capacity of 2500 kg and the customer can choose from two versions of steering wheels, namely GUMA or PUR. Supporting tandem wheels, most often in PUR design, with high-quality bearings, auxiliary approach wheels at the end of the forks, which make it easier to approach the pallets, and the truck is also equipped with an anti-overload reduction valve.

Atypical pallet truck - in this category there are mainly trucks with special use and modifications according to customer requirements, such as a pallet truck with one fork, a "pallet truck" for rolls, a 4-way pallet truck or a truck equipped with a very precise weighing system for commercial weighing. No traffic is the same and so customer requirements are different. Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us your needs, we will try to offer you a suitable alternative or we will create an offer of a pallet truck made to order.

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