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Additional handling equipment Additional handling equipment

Hydraulic and mechanical attachments increase comfort and handling speed. They extend the variability of forklift use. We offer a complete range of mechanical and hydraulic additional gripping devices for forklifts and handling equipment, which are indispensable helpers in the transport of material. The most used attachments include: side feed, adjustable forks, tedders, swivel forks, snow blades, shovels, mounting platform, extended forks (extensions), etc. We supply attachments from world-famous manufacturers Bolzoni Auramo and Cebria as well as equipment from quality Czech manufacturers.

The offer includes a complete service, including additional services such as consulting and installation.

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Hydraulic attachments

Hydraulic attachments

Hydraulic attachments significantly simplify handling, speed up and facilitate work with the load, and some are able to expand the possibility of using a forklift truck and thus replace other work machines ... more information HERE
Mechanical attachments

Mechanical attachments

Mechanical attachments (blades, buckets, crane arms, extended forks / fork extensions, mounting platform support pins) help speed up and simplify work with large or atypical loads and some are able to expand the use of the forklift and replace other work machines ... more information HERE
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