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VIVA - handling technology

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- We will advise on the selection of suitable technology for the required operation.
- We will arrange a quick rental of a forklift truck for unexpected unloading.
- We will take care of servicing your handling equipment.
- We will supply you with spare parts and various additional equipment.
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During the holidays, our operation will be slightly limited. If you would like to visit us during these days, we recommend that you first make an appointment by phone. You can find the necessary phone numbers here... CONTACTS... We will deal with the sent emails as quickly as possible after returning from 2.1.2024.

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Sales - handling equipment

Our field is handling technology and therefore in our offer you will find various types of handling technology, such as front forklifts diesel, electric, gas, manipulators and off-road vehicles. Other handling equipment offered are platform trucks, electric tractors, hydraulic platforms and various attachments. All this handling technology will facilitate your work and save you time. You can also choose from many types of electric hand-guided forklifts and low-lift trucks, which you will especially appreciate when working in a confined space. In our offer you will also find various pallet trucks, rudders, warehouse trucks and other small handling equipment. All offered forklifts from the manufacturer HANGCHA can be supplemented with above-standard equipment and accessories. In case of interest, we will also arrange custom production or modifications according to your specific requirements.

Service - handling equipment

Our field is handling technology, for which we offer a comprehensive, high-quality and fast service of all storage and handling equipment. We specialize in both small and large service, regular maintenance and major overhauls required by handling equipment. We also perform technical inspections of forklifts and training of VZV drivers. If possible, our mechanics will handle the service directly at your place, but in the event of a major repair, we will arrange the transport of handling equipment to our specialized workshop. Here, our team of mechanics will take care of making the necessary repairs as quickly as possible. We have our own freight transport, with which we can ensure the transport of damaged equipment, without the need to find an external carrier. Our warehouse contains a large number of spare parts, which speeds up the entire service.

Bazar - manipulační technika

If you are considering buying a forklift or other handling equipment and you do not want to or cannot invest in a new one, then our bazar handling equipment will be the ideal solution for you. There is nothing easier than choosing from a wide range of our bazaar. The offered new or used handling equipment is available in various price ranges. You can find the current offer, which we are still trying to expand with another assortment, on the page of our bazar. All advertised handling equipment can be seen, by prior arrangement, in the warehouse in Lovosice. You can further equip the selected VZV with various additional devices. And if you don't know what to do with your old / used equipment, you can offer it to us for purchase.

Rental - handling equipment

Have you had a job that would suit any handling technique? An unexpected situation has occurred and you need a one-off increase in the capacity of technology for your operation? Your forklift has broken down and it will take some day to repair it and you really need a replacement for it? For all these and other cases, we have our handling equipment rental here. Handling equipment is available in the rental shop for a day or maybe a year, it's up to you. As part of the lease, we also offer our own freight transport, which we can arrange for the transport of handling equipment to the required location. Another service we offer is rental, including qualified service. All handling equipment for rent can be seen on our bazar.

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