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Pallet trucks Pallet trucks

pallet truck

Mechanical hand pallet trucks, also known as pallet trucks, are a very common means of moving pallets and other cargo in warehouses. Mechanical pallet trucks are designed for horizontal transport of material on paved and flat surfaces. This type of small handling equipment will be appreciated especially by those who do not pay to buy more expensive and expensive electric hand trucks or classic front forklifts. The advantage of manually guided mechanical pallet trucks is their low purchase price and almost zero operating costs. Another great advantage of pallet trucks are small dimensions and small demands on handling space.

The mechanical pallet trucks we offer have a robust construction, easy operation and are most suitable for handling classic euro pallets. Our offer includes pallet trucks of various capacities, with different lengths of forks and, of course, with a choice of wheels. With us, you can choose from many designs of mechanical low-lift pallet trucks or high-lift pallet trucks with mechanical control.


High lift Pallet trucks

High lift Pallet trucks

Lightweight, simple, practical and almost zero running costs. This is a mechanical hand pallet truck. The ideal helper for handling loads up to height, with a variety of special modifications for non-standard use… more information and product lists HERE
Pallet trucks

Pallet trucks

Low-lift mechanical pallet trucks with a strong steel construction with the option of selecting the required load capacity and design, will facilitate your work… more information and product lists HERE

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