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Always have us quickly at hand

Don't waste time searching and rewriting contacts. Save our VITITA using the QR code in your mobile phone and always have us quickly at hand.
- We will advise on the selection of suitable technology for the required operation.
- We will arrange a quick rental of a forklift truck for unexpected unloading.
- We will take care of servicing your handling equipment.
- We will supply you with spare parts and various additional equipment.
We will arrange everything for you "from A to Z", just contact us.


During the holidays, our operation will be slightly limited. If you would like to visit us during these days, we recommend that you first make an appointment by phone. You can find the necessary phone numbers here... CONTACTS... We will deal with the sent emails as quickly as possible after returning from 2.1.2024.


We are slowly crossing off the last days of this year's calendar and starting to prepare for the coming year. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and cooperation and at the same time wish you a lot of personal and professional success in the new year 2024.

Available safety features for handling equipment.

Extra caution is required when moving with a forklift or other handling equipment. If we want to limit as much as possible the risk of accidents at the workplace with handling equipment and damage to the load, we can choose from several additional safety features.

We will deliver the new HANGCHA handling equipment within 16 weeks of ordering.

Would you like a new handling technique for your operation, but did not find what you need in our section of trucks in stock? Do not despair, our salespeople will help you with the exact specification and we will deliver the ordered equipment to you in no time.

Stainless steel hand-guided handling technique

Stainless hand-guided handling technology, from the Italian manufacturer EASYINOX and LGM, with an excellent price-performance ratio, is suitable for aggressive environments and operations with increased hygiene requirements.

Our Christmas opening hours

During the holidays, our operation will be slightly limited. If you would like to visit us during these days, we recommend that you first make an appointment by phone. You can find the necessary phone numbers here... CONTACTS... We will deal with the sent emails after returning from 2.1.2023. For now, we would like to wish you a merry Christmas, peaceful holidays and a happy new year 2023.

Additional equipment for handling equipment

What are additional devices and what are they used for? We will tell you the basic information in the following short article.

Unloading from shipping containers

If you need to solve the unloading of goods or some equipment from a shipping container, you do not have to worry at all. If you want to know possible unloading methods, take a look at our article.

New electric Li-ion forklifts HC

Introducing new electric forklifts from HC with Lithium-ion technology. You will learn its advantages and benefits in the following article.

NEW on our website - online GAMES

Come relax, have fun and practice your memory. We have established a section on games with the theme of handling technology. You can put together a puzzle, play a memory game or challenge a colleague or friend to a duel in five-in-a-row. Let's have some fun… :-)

Good old quality ... DESTA, just won't get bored ...

"DESTA" A name that has been etched in people's memories and will never be easy to replace. Everyone who has been involved in handling technology for some time knows him. We will introduce it to you as well.

Pallet truck "small and efficient" handling aid…

paletové vozíky
We modified the section of pallet trucks. Choosing a suitable pallet will be a breeze. In the offer you will find pallet trucks of European production, top quality, with an ideal price / performance ratio, low-cost pallet truck or pallet trucks in atypical design.

New year with new handling technology

With the new year, we have also expanded the range of new handling equipment on offer. Now you can also buy four-way or multi-way forklifts from us. And if you don't know what to do with the old - used technology, you can offer it to us for purchase.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022

We would like to wish you a beautiful Christmas full of well-being and happy moments. Until the new year 2022, we wish you good health, happiness, a lot of personal and professional success and let nothing bother you.
The whole team of the VIVA company - handling equipment thanks you for your cooperation so far

New HC rough terrain forklift

terénní vozík HC
Big strong man in a small body. A new model of the HC all-terrain forklift truck with a 4x4 drive has arrived, so we started testing it. If you are interested in how the test turned out, see HERE…

Ratchet straps available on our E-SHOP

upinaci pasy s racnou
If you need to fasten your load tightly, take a look at our special offer of quality ratchet straps. Available from 500 to 5000 kg with a length of up to 16m.

New forklifts in stock

Take advantage of our offer on the latest available pieces of forklifts in stock, with EURO3 engines without a particulate filter. Choose a new, reliable assistant for your operation.

Our new YouTube channel with handling technology

YouTube ikona
We have created a YouTube channel for you where you can watch short videos of our handling technology.

Desta, lizard, elevator or ekonor ……

There are a large number of folk or slang designations for a forklift. You can read here why such designations were created and what is correct here…

Spare parts for handling equipment

náhradní díly
Every device requires some care. Forklifts are no exception. For experienced mechanics and do-it-yourselfers, we have a large selection of spare parts for handling equipment in our e-shop.

Please pay attention

home office
We ask all who are going to visit our office in Lovosice to make an appointment with a specific employee in advance. Since we work mainly from the home office, it is likely that you would not find us in the office without prior agreement. Thank you for your understanding.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

What brand is "Hangcha"?
Do you also provide service?
What license do I need to drive?
What gas should be used in the forklift?
We try to answer all your questions. You can find some answers HERE ...

We love it when it works

RAL barvy pro vzv
No color is foreign to us. That's why we offer new HC forklifts in any color…

Free extension of the warranty period for HC forklifts

We want to support your business and that is why we have prepared a unique offer. 12-month warranty extension on all new HC front forklifts. We stand for the quality of our products!

Operation uninterrupted - our measures during the second wave of COVID-19

Provoz nepřerušen
There is a second wave of COVID-19 and the necessary measures. Our operation is uninterrupted for the time being.

Long-term rental of handling equipment pays off

Rent tailored exactly to your needs, without worries and with adaptation to current requirements. All this is guaranteed by our long-term rental

You don't have to worry about HANGCHA forklifts made in China

vozíky HANGCHA
Are you thinking of buying a new forklift, but are you afraid of the quality of Chinese products? We offer VZV from one of the two largest manufacturers of handling equipment in China, which you definitely do not have to worry about. Find out more in this article ...

Preventive measures for customers

Preventivní opatření pro zákazníky
Operation uninterrupted. We only ask all who are coming to us for a prior telephone agreement. You can call +420 777 020 090. Thank you for your understanding.

Technical inspection for VZV

Technická kontrola pro VZV
What is a technical inspection of a motor truck, how does it take place and how often is it necessary to carry it out? What to do if a fault is detected?

Purchase of used handling equipment

Výkup použité manipulační techniky
You need to get rid of unnecessary handling techniques. Don't despair, it's a toy. Just send us some information and we will contact you with an offer ...

Demonstration carts at GREAT PRICES

Předváděcí vozíky za SKVĚLÉ CENY
You are looking for a forklift at a good price. We now also offer DEMO trucks, tested with a run-in of up to 20 MTH, at great prices ...

We organized a discussion on the fight against alcohol and drugs among young people

besedu na téma boj proti alkoholu a drogám u mládeže
Our company organized and financially supported a preventive action in the fight against alcohol and drugs for young people. We tried to target the most vulnerable group of young people, ie children in primary schools.

Use of motorized VZV on the road

Používání motorového VZV na pozemní komunikaci
We will explain in a short article what conditions and rules the forklift truck and its operator must observe when moving on the road ...

Lifting the load

Zvedání nákladu do výšky
Already during the construction of the pyramids, the Egyptians struggled with the need to lift the load to great heights. Nowadays, this is no longer an obstacle for us, thanks to modern technologies ...

Telescopic manipulator-helper also in agriculture

Teleskopický manipulátor- pomocník také v zemědělství
How big a role does the telescopic manipulator play in agriculture? What are its features and what is the largest available manipulator in the world? ...

Wide range of BAZAR handling equipment

Široký sortiment BAZARU manipulační techniky
In our handling equipment bazaar you will find more than 2OO trucks in stock. They can be seen at our branch in Lovosice ...


We have a novelty for you !!!
Today we launched a new E-shop. You can find all sorts of things there - from castors for a pallet truck to a classic front forklift…

3. How to choose a front forklift?

Part 3. selection by fuel-propulsion.
In this next section, we will focus on the selection of a forklift truck according to the fuel-drive used ...

2. How to choose a front forklift?

2. Jak si vybrat čelní vysokozdvižný vozík?
Part 2. selection by surface.
In this part we will focus on the selection according to the type of surface on which the truck will move ...

1. How to choose a front forklift?

1. Jak si vybrat čelní vysokozdvižný vozík?
Part 1. selection by work environment.
We will gradually try to advise you and facilitate your decision-making when choosing a new handling technique for your operation ...

What does the term handling technique actually mean?

Co vlastně znamená výraz manipulační technika?
Do you hear acquaintances, colleagues or friends talking about handling techniques and you don't really know what you can imagine under this term? We have prepared a short article for you with an explanation of this concept ...

Why choose HC diesel forklifts?

Proč si vybrat dieselové vysokozdvižné vozíky HC ?
A combination of quality, durability and simplicity. All this is offered by HC diesel forklifts. In the menu you will find two series, one for occasional use and the other for heavy work ...

DEMO trucks with a significant discount !!

DEMO vozíky s výraznou slevou!!
A unique sale offer of FEELER demonstration forklifts with a load capacity of 1800 - 3500 kg. The offer also includes a trolley in off-road design.

Forklift attachments

Přídavná zařízení pro vysokozdvižné vozíky
Attachments for handling technology are increasingly used. They make work easier and save time. They can be used on most forklifts.

Are you looking forward to the snow, but not to clearing it?

Těšíte se na sníh, ale ne na jeho odklízení?
If you are starting to deal with the approaching snowfall and its removal. In our offer you will find a snow plow for forklift trucks, which will certainly make your work easier and save you time.

Helper for work at height

Pomocník pro práci ve výšce
Thanks to our MP30 assembly platform, you will no longer have to rent expensive self-propelled platforms for occasional work at heights.

Winter maintenance of handling equipment

Zimní údržba manipulační techniky
Are we starting to cool down, what does this mean for your handling equipment?

Four-way forklifts

Čtyřcestné vysokozdvižné vozíky
Are you limited by the width of the aisle and need to stack longer items?

Growth of warehouse space in the Czech Republic

Růst skladových ploch v ČR
Since 2013, the area of warehouses in the Czech Republic has increased by 160% to 7 million m2.

Solutions for your warehouse or service

Řešení pro Váš sklad či servis
Do you solve problems with handling, moving heavy loads? We have a solution for you.

SIMAI fleet for ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

Flotila SIMAI pro společnost ŠKODA AUTO a.s.
The SIMAI PE15 and SIMAI PE20 platform trucks have become part of the car production process at ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

Tires, wheels and belts

Pneumatiky, kola a pásy
We offer tires, wheels and belts for work machines and all handling equipment. As part of comprehensive consulting, our specialists will suggest the best option based on your individual needs.

Mounting platform for Forklifts

Montážní plošina pro vzv
In our assortment you will find an assembly platform for forklift trucks. We are a manufacturer of this accessory. We produce various model lines.

Electric heavy truck? Yes we have!

Elektrický vysokotonážní vozík? Ano, máme!
We now offer an electric forklift truck from the HC Forklift brand with a load capacity of 12 - 16 tons.

New website - extended assortment

Nový web - rozšířený sortiment
New look of the website - for 20 years of the company.

Action! JAC electric platform truck

Akce! Plošinový elektrický vozík JAC
Action on an electric platform truck with a load capacity of 2000 kg.

Purchase of forklifts - fast and fair!

Výkup vysokozdvižných vozíků - rychle a férově!

Do you have unnecessary forklifts in your company? We will buy, conveniently and quickly! Big, small, yellow, red, green ... well, just everyone. Include us with your offers +420 777 02 00 91.

Wooden Buildings Fair 2018

Vysokozdvižný vozík

Timber Construction Fair 2018 - we were here!

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