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Four-way forklifts

We offer new four-way reach trucks, also known as multi-way. This is a handling technique designed primarily for handling long loads in confined spaces. Their use is not limited to indoor spaces, but they are also an ideal helper in outdoor operation. These multi-way forklifts excel in their maneuverability and dexterity even in narrow aisles. Thanks to a range of up to 10 m and a retractable column, very efficient use of storage space is possible. The rotation of the wheels by 360 ° and the possibility of extending the load forks up to 270 cm make four-way lifts the best choice, for example, for metal or wood production, where it is necessary to handle long and flexible material.

If you do not know what to do with your old and used handling equipment, you can offer it to us for purchase. Just contact us via the form or call our sellers +420 777 020 091, +420 608 020 092, who will create a purchase offer for you.

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