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How to choose a forklift? How to choose a forklift?

The right choice of handling equipment is the basis of a good business!


Part 1 selection by work environment…

Choosing the right forklift is the basis of effective work in your business. Therefore, it is good to pay attention to several important factors when choosing.

First of all, we should determine where the truck will be handled in which environment and in which working conditions.
Not every forklift truck is suitable for all types of operations.
Therefore, if you need to handle loads, loads or materials in an enclosed space where people move and where hygienic conditions are also very often emphasized, an electric wheelchair is a suitable choice.
On the contrary, a diesel forklift truck is best suited for outdoor use, which can playfully handle work in any weather.
However, we have another option to choose from, the so-called "golden mean" and that is a gas forklift / LPG truck. This variant is suitable for operations where cargo handling inside halls and outdoors is required.

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Part 2. selection by surface ...

Another way to choose a suitable forklift truck for operation is to determine the surface on which the load will be handled.

Forklift trucks can be purchased, for example, in three-wheel or four-wheel variants, in off-road versions with large wheels or tupláky on the steering axle. Therefore, it is good to think about what we expect from the cart and narrow the search field accordingly.

If you work on a flat surface without unevenness and obstacles, three-wheeled trucks come into consideration. These trucks tend to have a smaller turning radius due to the rear wheel, which rotates by more than 90 °, making this type of truck suitable for maneuvering between shelves in aisles or in confined spaces. The new 3-wheel forklift trucks are now only available with electric drive.

Four-wheel trucks are more stable and therefore more versatile when used on a not completely flat surface. In the four-wheel VZV variant, we can already choose according to the required type of fuel. With regard to the surface on which we will move the truck, we can also choose according to the tires used. Front trucks can be obtained with pneumatic or full super elastic tires. The truck with a variant of solid tires, the so-called "SE", is not suitable for uneven, rocky surfaces with obstacles such as sharp crossing edges, drainage channels or other obstacles. It must be taken into account that the truck does not absorb shocks and vibrations too much with these tires. However, the advantage of these tires is their durability and resistance to damage (cuts, punctures). Therefore, if we need a truck for operation, where there are often metal chips, chips, etc., a truck with full tires is the ideal solution.

If we know that when working we will have to move on a very uneven, unpaved, rugged surface, it is good to look for a forklift truck in a terrain design. These carts have large wheels with a deep tread for easy movement in demanding conditions. They can have a double assembly on the front axle, so-called "tupláky" for even easier movement and better stability. Large air wheels and suspension ensure comfort when overcoming even long distances. Rough terrain forklifts can be purchased in 2x4 or 4x4 versions, depending on the terrain. For very demanding working conditions, the VZV is designed with a differential lock.

Elektrický vozík HC Terénní vzv HANGCHA dieselový vzv HC


Part 3. selection by fuel-propulsion ...

In this sequel, "How to Choose a Forklift?", We will focus on the choice of fuel-powered truck. There are three variants available and we will say a little about each of them.

The first choice may be an electric forklift. This type of truck is powered by an electric motor and charged by a traction battery. Thanks to this drive, the truck is very environmentally friendly. It emits no emissions and is a suitable choice for operations with increased demands on hygiene, such as food warehouses and production facilities. The electric VZV has not been valid for outdoor use for some time. Thanks to the modernization of traction batteries, its use is also possible in cold stores where the temperature drops to -30 ° C. The disadvantage of an electric forklift is the long time it takes to recharge the battery. This process takes several hours and the entire charging process must be followed for proper operation. If we are considering an electric wheelchair, we should also take into account the need for regular maintenance to ensure the longest possible battery life. A specially adapted trolley with side / quick battery change is available for heavy-duty operations. The operating costs of the electric truck are comparable to other variants, as it is necessary to include in the operating costs of the truck the purchase of a new battery at the end of its life or loss of capacity.

    Elektrický vozík HC

The second option can be gas / LPG forklifts. These trucks are an ideal choice where both indoor and outdoor handling is required. In case of interest, this type of truck can be adapted to CNG drive. It is even more environmentally friendly and the service life of pressure vessels is even longer. LPG trucks are powered by propane compressed into a pressure vessel. This container has a holder on the trolley into which the bottle is clamped, and the gas is led to the trolley through a hose. Replacing a gas cylinder is not complicated, you just need to have a secure fuel supply from a special supplier. Many people think that they can change a gas bottle quickly and easily at a gas station. However, the opposite is true, the two gases differ in composition and when using poor quality gas, the fuel filters become clogged quickly and the truck is damaged. Another frequently asked question when choosing is fuel consumption. It can be said that the difference between the consumption of gas and diesel VZV is almost non-existent or only minimal.



The third candidate for choice is a diesel forklift. So far, the most used handling technique. Although the least environmentally friendly, thanks to modern and better filters, it is beginning to equalize its competition in terms of emissions. Thanks to additional filters, use is already possible inside the halls. These are trucks with diesel engines that excel in their power. It is produced in various designs due to its versatility. We can get a diesel forklift from a load capacity of 900 kg up to 40 tons. It is also available in off-road design with all-wheel drive for demanding conditions. It is very easy to use and still has a lot of supporters. What you will certainly appreciate about a diesel VZV is the simple refueling. There is no need for a charging station or storage of spare pressure vessels, you just refuel and drive happily.


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