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Technical inspections and revisions LPG Technical inspections and revisions LPG

Revision of LPG and HM for handling equipment

We offer and perform technical inspections and revisions of LPG forklifts of all groups, ie front motor forklifts, electric forklifts, hand trucks, reach trucks and other special trucks.

We perform MOT and LPG inspections of forklift trucks, in agreement with the customer, either directly at the place of use of the trucks or in the background of our company. For contractual customers, we provide a "records" service within which we monitor the validity of revisions and MOT. Before they expire, the customer is notified of this fact so that it is possible to arrange a suitable date for the inspection in time. Thanks to this service, it is possible to prevent problems that may occur when operating handling equipment without valid revisions.

štítek TK 

Our company has trained and certified staff to perform technical inspections and revisions of LPG forklifts. The validity of performed revisions and inspections is 1 year.



Technical inspections and revisions of forklifts

Why perform technical inspections and revisions of LPG forklifts?

The operator of the respective truck is obliged to perform proper maintenance and inspections of motorized forklift trucks in connection with the provisions of § 134a par. c) of the Labor Code. The employer, after finding and evaluating the individual risks related to this activity, should at the same time set requirements for the proper performance of such activities, in accordance with the wording of Article 3.3.2. b) ČSN 268805. When determining these requirements, it is necessary to proceed from the instructions for use of a specific truck - eg according to Article 7.2.5 of ČSN EN 1726-1, according to which the instructions for use must include information on training and qualifications of employees designated for repairs and maintenance of individual trucks.

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