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New electric Li-ion forklifts HC

New HC electric forklifts with Li-ion battery

The HC manufacturer now supplies electric forklift trucks with lithium batteries to the Czech market. It is an innovative and reliable lithium-ion technology developed by HANGCHA in cooperation with CATL. The CATL manufacturer supplies battery cells and modules with new quality and long service life to new electric lifts. Furthermore, in HC trucks with lithium batteries, you will find a high-frequency integrated MOSFET control unit, which ensures smooth and accurate travel and lift control. In this way, the unit offers excellent speed control performance, regenerative braking, reverse braking and anti-slip protection on ramps.
Thanks to the Li-ion technology used, which enables fast or occasional charging, these electric trucks can also be used for continuous operations. Furthermore, the trucks excel in their light construction, flexibility, high energy efficiency, maintenance-free operation and, most importantly, their long service life.

Li-ion technology:           

Thanks to this technology, the trucks become very economical. In case of interest, it is possible to deliver the truck with a stronger battery, which lasts 9 hours, and in the case of recharging during short breaks, the truck can be used continuously. This makes this type of truck an adequate replacement for internal combustion engines.

The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on Lithium batteries and 4,000 charge cycles.

What else do the new HC electric trucks offer us?
Whether it is a truck with a Lithium or a classic traction battery, the manufacturer offers us safety, comfort and excellent ergonomic design. Let's look at the individual points in a little more detail.

HC trucks are equipped with a soft travel system as standard when lowering the load. This protects the load from shocks and possible damage. In addition, the truck can be equipped with an OPS system that shuts off the trigger when the operator leaves the seat. Another safety feature is the parking brake application signal, which beeps to alert the operator to apply the parking brake before leaving the truck.

Thanks to the low center of gravity and very good stability, the operator feels very comfortable when handling. An ergonomically adjustable steering wheel, a sliding seat with the possibility of a raised backrest, a new wider lifting device ensures a better view and a color display with True Color Screen technology also enables better visibility and readability of data. The comfort of HC electric trucks is also quietness, energy saving and others that meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Ergonomic design:
These trucks have a large operating space, which is more than 50% larger than traditional electric trucks. The enlarged brake pedal and regenerative braking function ensure easier operation for the operator. The rear axle is equipped with greater suspension, which increases the comfort of operation.


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