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Four wheel counterbalanced forklift 6.0 - 10.0t

Brand: HC / Hangcha
Type: J series 5.0-8.5t
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AC čtyřkolové elektrické vysokozdvižné vozíky 5.0 – 8.5t

If you work in an area where the use of diesel trucks is not permitted, but you need to handle heavy loads, take a look at the offered four-wheel electric forklift trucks HC or HANGCHA series X, which have a load capacity of up to 10.0 tons. These trucks are a perfect helper with handling in enclosed halls and areas where it is not possible to use another type of handling equipment. Their operation is cheaper and also more environmentally friendly, as it does not cause any emission burden. All four-wheel electric forklifts meet strict standards for operation in the EU. They are equipped with powerful electric motors and can also be supplied with a Lithium battery. Li-ion technology is maintenance-free and, thanks to the possibility of short charging, almost continuous operation is possible.

The electric forklifts we offer have the most modern features, such as a recuperation system - during braking, the drive motor recharges the battery. Furthermore, the trucks are equipped with narrowed piston rods, which ensures a better view of the operator when handling the load. Great emphasis is placed on reliability and safety, so important electronic components such as the engine control unit are supplied by branded European manufacturers. Four-wheel electric forklifts have a solid steel construction without unnecessary pay components. They are equipped with intelligent lifting and lowering of forks, for safe and comfortable handling.

You can find more information and specifications in the product list or you can contact our dealers.

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