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Heavy forklift 12.0-16.0t

Brand: HC / Hangcha
Type: Heavy Truck 12.0-16.0 tun
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Těžkotonážní vysokozdvižný vozík 12.0-16.0t

This heavy-duty diesel forklift, sometimes called a heavy-duty forklift, is a combination of power, state-of-the-art technology and fine design. For example, you will find an extended duplex tower, which will provide a better view for the operator and thus ensure safer handling of heavy or bulky loads. The forklift allows the lifting of excessive loads up to a height of 7000 mm. The forklift is also equipped with a driver presence sensor, a reliable CAN-BUS system, and a display showing information about the engine and transmission. Kessler maintenance-free steering axle. This forklift has 2 forward and 1 reverse gears. The heavy-duty forklift, sometimes called the heavy-duty forklift, is easy to operate and maintain. The forklift uses hydraulic components from Bosh Rexroth. The front axle is extended by a two-assembly so-called "Tupláky" for ideal weight distribution of the transported load and easier handling of heavy loads. The heavy-duty forklift can also be modified according to your requirements with additional equipment and additional equipment. If you are interested, you can contact us to create a tailor-made price offer.

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