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Large platform truck

Velký plošinový vůz

Large platform trucks are excellent helpers in warehouses or production halls, where you need to transport a larger amount of materials or products with higher weight. Four plug-in corner housings for superstructures guarantee above-standard variability of use.

Based on the individual wishes and needs of the customer, we allow you to order another type of superstructure. The truck is controlled by a rotating plate with a ball ring. There is a drawbar with a handle and a travel and detection brake. Lifting the drawbar to the upper half will lock the wheels. The height of the metal enclosure is 770 mm. A rear attachment is also standard. A towing eye on the drawbar can be ordered. The platform of the truck is made of laminated chipboard.

platform size 2000 x 1000 mm
platform height 510 mm
load 600 kg
wheel diameter 400 mm
type bicycles, with plastic disc
wheel width 85 mm


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