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Modular platform truck - wire filling

Stavebnicový plošinový vozík – výplň drát

The modular multifunctional trolley is very variable and the construction allows the parameters to be compiled according to the needs and wishes of the customer. Adjustments can be made by simply inserting the required body and securing with a screw. The special side mounting always ensures the strength and stability of the trucks. The loading area and wooden panels are made of laminated chipboard, the handle is filled with a wire construction.

The side and front edges of the wood panel are edged with a blue ABS edge with a width of 1 mm. The wheels are supplied by the top French manufacturer Guitel, which guarantees minimal wear even under difficult operating conditions. The wheels are equipped with a cover that prevents the bearing from becoming clogged with dirt. Two wheels are fixed and two are rotating. They can be supplemented with a double-acting brake. Other colors can be provided on request.

The robust construction of the loading area and high-quality wheels will meet even demanding operations where it is necessary to handle heavy loads. At the same time, a long service life is guaranteed.

platform size 1200 × 800 mm
handle height 970 mm
load 500 kg
wheel diameter 200 mm


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