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Hyster forklifts

In addition to conventional diesel and electric forklifts, hyster also offers container forklifts and electric pallet trucks. Hyster brand products are used for handling all types of loads. Hyster forklifts have excellent maneuverability, which is widely used for operation in narrow aisles and confined spaces.

Overview of HYSTER handling equipment series

A1.00XL, A1.25XL, A1.50XL, C1.0, C1.3, C1.5B, C1.8X, E1.50XM, E1.75XM, E2.00XM, E2.00XMS ACX, E2.50XM, E3.00XM, E3.20XM ACX, E3.50XL, E4.00XL, E4.50XL, E4.50XLS, E5.50XL ACX, H1.6FT, H1.8FT, H10.00XM, H10.00XM-12EC, H12.00XM, H12.00XM-12EC, H13.00XM, H14.00XM-12, H14.00XM-6, H15.00XM-12, H16.00XM-12, H16.00XM-12EC, H16.00XM-6, H18.00XM-12, H18.00XM-12EC, H2.0FT, H2.0FTS, H2.5FT, H20.00F, H22.00F, H25.00F, H28.00F, H28.00F-16CH, H3.0FT, H3.50XM, H3.5FT, H32.00F, H32.00F-16CH, H36.00E, H36.00E-16CH, H4.00XM-5, H4.00XM-6, H4.00XMS-6, H4.50XM, H40.00E, H40.00E-16CH, H44.00E, H44.00E-16CH, H48.00E, H48.00E-16CH, H48.00E-16IH, H48.00E-16IH, H5.00XM, H5.50XM, H52.00E-16IH, H5200E-16IH, H6.00XL, H7.00XL, H8.00XM, H9.00XM, J1.60XMT, J1.80XMT, J2.00XMT, J2.00XMT ACX, J2.50XMT, J3.00XMT, K0.6M, K1.0H, K1.0L, K1.0M, LO2.0, LO2.0L, P1.6, P2.0SD, P2.0X, P2.2, P2.OS, P3.0X, PME 2.3, PMQ 2.3, R1.4, R1.4H, R1.6, R1.6N, R16H, R2.0, R2.0H, R2.5, RM2.0, RM2.5, RP2.0, RP2.0N, RP3.0, RS1.2, RS1.5, RS36-46CH, RS45-30CH, RS46-33CH, S1.0, S1.0C, S1.0E, S1.2, S1.2C, S1.2S, S1.4, S1.50XM, S1.5C, S1.5S, S1.6, S1.75XM, S2.00XM, S2.00XMS, S2.50XM, S3.00XM, S3.20XM, S3.50XM, S4.00XM, S4.50XM, S5.50XM, S5.50XMS, S6.00XL, S7.00XL, T1.0, T1.2, T1.5

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