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Traction batteries

Trakční baterie

Traction batteries for electric forklifts, electric tractors and platform trucks, self-propelled platforms, electric cars, hand-guided equipment and other handling equipment using electrical energy for their propulsion.


We supply traction batteries providing a high level of performance and long service life for both light-duty and demanding multi-shift operations. The batteries have, while maintaining the dimensions, higher performance compared to older batteries, high durability and efficiency.


What we need to know to recommend the right battery:
- type of machine
- machine type
- battery voltage (or number of cells)
- battery capacity
- in case of difficult identification also the dimensions of the battery
- machine load

Optional accessories:
- AQ-set: aquasystem or central water replenishment (simplifies battery maintenance)
- AIR-set: electrolyte aeration (allows faster battery charging)
- connectors: sockets and plugs (components for connection to the machine)
- cables: battery cables (components for connection to the machine)
- containers for central electrolyte replenishment
- filling pistols

The possibility of using the services of our service is a matter of course. We will deliver the new battery, replace it with a defective one and take over the defective battery for recycling free of charge.

We supply traction batteries:
classic cell with liquid electrolyte in DIN and BS design
cell gel in design according to DIN and BS
block classic with liquid electrolyte
block gel


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